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February 8, 2017
February 16, 2017
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A/B Testing and Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software can breathe new life into your A/B testing efforts. It has the ability to easily and quickly help you set up multiple tests and can automatically administer those tests so you can focus your attention wherever else it is needed.

Overall, incorporating A/B testing into your marketing automation strategy can help you:

  • Test elements on multiple campaigns simultaneously, saving you time and allowing you to more quickly draw conclusions and make necessary changes to your campaigns.
  • Optimize your emails, landing pages, and other campaigns.
  • Determine and pinpoint the best campaigns to achieve your marketing objectives.
  • Maximize your response rates on various campaigns.
  • Raise your conversion rates through various channels. In fact, according to MarketingSherpa, A/B testing can help raise conversion rates by 48% or more!

For the email channel in particular, specific features of a marketing automation platform can be set to send a test email to a recipient list as part of an automatic, triggered campaign. If the variant outperforms the control, the marketer will be notified and can take any necessary action. This type of testing ensures marketing campaigns are always optimized.


Marketo Champion/Challenger Testing System


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